What Our Customers Say:

"I hired Marcus and his team to build my online brand. From the start I was put to ease by his professionalism and his expertise. I feel he and his team have helped me direct my message to my customers in a far more effective and strategic way... which has truly positioned me as the expert in my field."

-Paul Gillanders, REIN Canada Coach

"I recently brought on Lone Maverick to do some work with us and I was more than happy and pleased with the results... I was really impressed with Marcus's background, working with a subject matter that isn't typically talked about... and I'd recommend Lone Maverick just for the ease of the entire process"

-Chad Gergley, Higher Health Clinic

"I just worked with Lone Maverick and the reason I hired those guys is... I don't have the time to put it all together and make it (marketing) work for the business, so I can just collect the cash. They do the marketing and web SEO so you dont have to do it. They'll pull results for you."

-Rudi Roeder, Euro Yard Service

"There's nobody like him... He knows all of the technical aspects, but he also has this business sense - He's an incredible sales man and that's incredibly rare. If you get a chance to work with Marcus I HIGHLY recommend you do it."

-Blake Jamieson, Twitter Domination

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