I have a confession to make.

I struggled to find the ‘perfect words’ for my homepage – I wanted to create a good impression and experience for you, after all, this is the internet!

It’s weird. I felt like there was this immense pressure on me that this had to be perfect. That if I didn’t stress over finding the right words, the perfect copy, then it would turn you off completely.

Then I remembered why you’re here.

In that moment I also realized that trying to be perfect wasn’t getting me anywhere… funny, this desire for perfection is often that one thing that holds me back from taking more risks. Chances are, if you landed on this site, you’re probably like me in that regard too.

So let’s make a commitment right here, right now.

Let’s agree that while we hang out we will both try our best to put aside any of the behaviours that do not serve us, patterns or stories that we let creep into our lives that stop us from stepping into our full potential and living totally kick ass lives.


So, if you’re a video marketer let’s get down to it. Chances are you’re here because you currently struggle with how to sell your video services. You don’t quite know how to justify your rates, and how to attract those ideal clients who you’d love to serve. How to kick ass and take names, on your terms.

Here’s what I’ve got that will help you:

  • If you’re looking to get started, to test the waters of learning the stuff that’s helped me sell my videos at higher rates while working with cooler clients, then click here to a copy of my book, “Video Selling Formula”. It’s currently available as a Digital Download only, and I’m working to get physical copies printed for those who still like to read off of paper instead of a screen. Takes a bit longer – the whole process reminds me of what it’s like to ‘shoot on film’. Precision.
  • If you’re not into reading that much or you just want to go to the next level quickly, you can enrol in my online training course called “Video Selling Mastery”. It’s currently sitting at 37 videos that cover everything from the inner game of sales success, how to lead and close deals, how to show the value of what you bring to the table, and how to scale it. You can read more about exactly what it is by clicking on the link. 


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