Your Message Matters!

People are not drawn to the best products and services - they're drawn to the ones they understand the fastest. The human mind is drawn to clarity: When we are not clear in our messaging (the words on our websites, the images we use, the content we create) people tune us out. Working on your message is critical.

Marcus Rideout works with local business owners, public speakers, online coaches and consultants to articulate your message so you can get the best response from your audience and make more sales. To help you get laser focus on your marketing goals and objectives make sure to request access to my complimentary Discovery Form. Just click the button below to send me a quick e-mail and I'll send it over. No funny business, no strings attached.


What People Are Saying

"The system that Marcus helped me create kept my business alive after I was evacuated from the Fort McMurray fires in May 2016. 

When my rental properties stopped producing cashflow I was still able to generate $27,000 in sales in just 9 days thanks to him!"

Jon Simcoe (Lion Properties)

"I recently brought on Lone Maverick to do some work with us and I was more than happy and pleased with the results... I was really impressed with Marcus's background, working with a subject matter that isn't typically talked about... and I'd recommend Lone Maverick just for the ease of the entire process"

Chad Gergley (Higher Health Clinic)

"I hired Marcus and his team to build my online brand. From the start I was put to ease by his professionalism and his expertise. I feel he and his team have helped me direct my message to my customers in a far more effective and strategic way... which has truly positioned me as the expert in my field."

Paul Gillanders (REIN Canada Coach)

Need Help Connecting With Your Audience?

Click the button below to send Marcus a quick e-mail so you can access our comlimentary Discovery Form. It was designed to help you dive deeper into your message so you can get laser focus or your objectives.

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