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Staying Creative While Doing Client-Based Work

There’s this bullshit myth in the film community that ‘doing corporate video’ is like selling out, quitting on your dream of telling stories and giving up on your passion. I wanted to call out anyone that thinks this is true as well as help ya find the hidden superpower you have as a creative filmmaker that you can apply to your client work.

Once you tap into this way of thinking around ‘client work’ it will take the quality and IMPACT of your corporate videos to the next level so you can start charging higher rates and help your customers sell way more stuff!

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PS: Yea, there’s totally dirt on the lens – we’re not pros by any means, you really shouldn’t listen to me 😛

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When Sales Won’t Cure You…

The Reason Learning How To Sell Video Production Isn’t The ‘Main Thing’


It’s the thing many of us entrepreneur folk chase after, long for, dream of…

Yet it’s so easy to get caught up in pursuing the money and building a business that it’s easy to overlook the main thing we’re after… Freedom.

This video is way less ‘tactics’ than most of the stuff I talk about on the YouTube channel, but it’s one of those areas no one seems to really spend much time talking about in the space of ‘how to sell your services’.

You can check that out now – Link here:

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How To Find Your Voice In Marketing

Are you sick of Idea Inbreeding?

It’s a problem that I’ve noticed is especially prevalent for us folk in the 25-35 year range.

You know the ones – we preach messages of hustling, entrepreneurship, and getting shit done.

We resort to rehashing the same inspirational quotes or phrases from those who went before us or from those who are making the most ‘noise’ online right now.

We live our lives by what the latest guru or inspirational speakers say, we share photos with these quotes, we hope it will make us feel unique or special… but it never does.

Sadly, this leads to an oversaturated market of people looking for a life of purpose, but who are preaching the same message.

People making a whole lot of noise but who are failing to make an impact in their market and in their lives.

Look, I’ve been guilty of this myself. This has been such an issue for me that I decided I had to try to find a solution – at least something that works ‘for me’.

So, to kick off the first episode in a new weekly-show format, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to over the past few months to try and find my own unique voice and bring it to business (and life!)

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Enjoy 🙂