Lone Maverick Inc. Reviews


My team and I created a video series that Paul used to bring new students into his annual coaching program offered through REIN Canada. Paul was the first REIN coach to bring a non-member into the program and it was a direct result of our video work. He has since brought in additional coaching students and is a great example of how ‘you don’t need thousands of views to get results when you know how to articulate the right message to the right people with laser focus’. His biggest pain-point with trying to use video before hiring myself and the team was that once the camera was rolling he ‘blanked out’. He didn’t know how to say the words right, often rambling through trying to make a point. It didn’t reflect the success he has experienced in his investing portfolio, nor was it representative of the true value and knowledge he brings to the lives of his coaching students.

Jon Simcoe hired Lone Maverick to create a Video Sales Funnel that helped him generate over $100,000 in sales in only 10 months. Now this strategy is NOT for the faint of heart as this is a very advanced marketing system created specifically for people who use ‘sales pipelines’ in order to build relationships with prospects, who sell high ticket items, and who tend to close their deals on the phone. The goal of our video system (combined with automation software called Infusionsoft) allowed us to setup a ‘drip-feed’ process for content delivery designed to resonate with a very defined ‘customer profile. Each person who opted in for Jon’s free training flowed through that pipeline and is tracked and tagged within the software. It allowed for him to observe who was progressing through his content, who was opening e-mails and watching the content so he and his sales team are only spending time on the phone with qualified leads (ie: people who know what the product is, who have expressed interest, and have consumed all of the content).

Chad and Amanda Gergely brought in Marcus and the team to create a series of videos for Higher Health Clinic and Higher Health Yoga in Fort McMurray, AB. These videos were designed specifically to roll out ‘one a month’ and to be combined with Pay Per Click advertising (Facebook ads, Google Adwords) so they could grow their brand and attract new local customers. Chad reported record breaking ‘new yoga membership signups’ for the month of October and the only thing they did differently as far as advertising goes was to add videos create by the Lone Maverick team.

Blake brought Marcus in to help him create a Video Sales Funnel to launch, promote and help sell his Twitter Domination Workshop online training course. It was used in combination with Twitter Video, Facebook Ads, and other social platforms to fill up the class!

Rudi Roeder brought Marcus and his team on to help him create a series of videos to help position himself as the local expert in his city. He’s the rare exception of a ‘video customer’ in the sense of he had over 4 years of B-Roll footage stored digitally on harddrives but didn’t have the time to create and release the content he dreamed of. With our help we crafted content that spoke directly to the needs and desires of his customers while showcasing his larger-than-life personality, and when combined with our editing skills he ended up with company videos that looked like he had a Hollywood crew following him all of his business life!

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