What Is A Video Sales Funnel?

This case study goes through an advanced marketing strategy that we created and implemented for one of our customers (Jon Simcoe) to help him generate some sweet sales figures within 10 months of launch! Very excited to share this ‘behind the scenes’ look as well as provide Jon with the opportunity to tell you exactly what his experience of working with our team was like!

In the video I walk you through what a video sales funnel is, and by the end you will:

  • have seen the exact breakdown of the 3 videos we created for Jon’s video sales funnel.
  • understand the ‘theory’ behind why these videos were created, and how they were designed to create both an emotional AND a logical connection within the viewers.
  • know exactly why these videos worked when placed in a ‘video sales funnel’ (hint: it’s about helping your prospects make a buying decision instead of trying to ‘sell’ them something).
  • know how you can start to leverage a video sales funnel for your business to qualify your leads.

Jon makes a living as a real estate investor and he approached our company to design the marketing material for his online coaching program. We shot this series in late August (2015), and Jon released the video sales funnel for the first time at the end of Oct (2015). He has gone on to sell over $100,000 of his online coaching course and has helped his students get started (and succeed) with real estate investing.

NOTE: This is an Advanced Marketing Strategy. If you use ‘sales pipelines’ in order to build relationships with prospects (or even know what a ‘sales pipeline’ is), if you sell high ticket items, and if you often find yourself closing deals on the phone then a video sales funnel may be the right fit for you! This bad boy is one of our higher priced services due to the amount of focused attention each of our clients receive for these types of projects.

Video Sales Funnels:

  • allow us to setup a ‘drip-feed’ e-mail sequence for content delivery (automation!).
  • are designed specifically to resonate with a very defined ‘customer profile.
  • allow you to track your customer journeys and tag users within your software.

What this allowed Jon to do was to observe who was progressing through his sales funnel and content, it allowed us to identify the small percentage of ‘action takers’ (ie: people who buy when they see something that’s a good fit for them), and saved him a ton of time prospecting as he and his sales team now only spend time on the phone with qualified leads (ie: people who know what the product is, who have expressed interest, and have consumed all of the content).

Is A Video Sales Funnel Right For Me?

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